• VALUE: Is UniqueHeat® a Quartz Infrared Heater like the ones you find in big box stores and on Amazon?

  • VALUE: What makes UniqueHeat® Different?

  • VALUE: How can I best use my new UniqueHeat®?

  • EASY: How easy is it to carry and move my UniqueHeat®?

  • SAFETY: Are Convection Space Heaters Safe?

  • HEALTHY: Is UniqueHeat® Heat Healthy?

  • VALUE: Can I use UniqueHeat® in conjunction with my furnace?

  • SAFE: Will my UniqueHeat® be safe around my kids and pets?

  • VALUE: What makes the "Decade of Care®" different from other space heaters?

  • Is UniqueHeat® Simple to Operate?

  • What are UniqueHeat's® Product Specifications?


UniqueHeat® Heating System

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